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Canada Goose is a manufacturer and designer of extreme weather jackets and outerwear that was established in Toronto at the beginning of the 1950’s.
A third party working on behalf of Canada Goose contacted us at Vinyl Impression HQ to see if we could assist them with the production and installation of their advertising graphics at Geneva airport.
The project aimed to see an executive lounge at the airport branded with Canada Goose’s latest range. This was achieved by placing graphics across four windows, one large and three smaller that sat in a repetition of three.
The three smaller windows looked into a security room, which called for the use of a Contravision, material. This material provides the security personnel with a one-way vision into the lounge, which simultaneously obscures the view of the executives using the space.
The largest of the windows used a white-backed window vinyl to create a large format printed advertising poster that was bright and vibrant.
Our installation crew flew out to Geneva, installed the graphics and returned to the UK the same day.
The designs and materials used created an eye catching promotional space that achieved the PR needs of Canada Goose.

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