Vicky Lilleycrop Senior Creative /​ Art Director


The project involved designing a wall graphic and installation for the foyer reception of
St. John’s and St. Clement’s Primary school. The school values had to be at the heart
of the design and we wanted to use natural woods and have space for planting.

The school is passionate about music, working with the creative director, five lines were created indicative of a music stave which link back to the five core values of the school. As you move across these lines, illustrations depict children playing music, dancing and singing.

What child doesn’t like pushing a red button? Acting as a way-finding device that led further into the school once pressed, the wavy line lights up and a school video plays in the light-box with sound wave graphics behind. This light strip then joins the music stave and explodes into a splurge of colour and fun.

Picture frames were also attached to the wood wall so the school could feature their own pieces of art and news.


  • St. John’s and St. Clement’s Primary SchoolClient

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