Vibrant were looking to re-design their website and re-launch their brand image to be much cleaner and professional.

Although the build of the new site would be managed externally, we needed concepts to take to out-of-house company to work from.

I was tasked with creating the new website concept, focusing close attention on increasing the user journey, UI/UX and overall usability. After collecting research alongside Marketing, we were able to hone in on the main problem areas of our current site to improve on.

The main critique was how many pages and confusing the site was, not offering much in terms of explanation of what Vibrant does and the user journey to solutions was far too long and complicated.

Using this information, I focused attention on simplifying the site as much as possible, removing unnecessary pages and content that can be better explained by demos/imagery.

The idea was to use the site as an overview and an insight into the company, so that they are able to get an overview of what Vibrant is, what we do and how well we do it, but without over-loading the user with too much information.

As there are so many variables to what we do, It was more important to use our previous campaigns to show off what we can do and to use them to raise interest to contacting us. As we would mostly be communicating through agencies rather than clients direct, most visitors to the site would already been aware of what our role is, so are looking for examples more than anything.

The concept I came up with is simple, easy to navigate, uses high quality imagery, with lots of interaction to view and learn more about current/previous campaigns.

Vibrant Website Re-Design