Unilever's brief was to promote their new Comfort Intense product in 2 phases;
Phase 1 - Highly impactful creatives that raise awareness
Phase 2 - Instruct their audience about how to use the product/where to purchase

They supplied a selection of product imagery, website link and a TVC. With these, I opted to keep the TVC for phase 2 as it was focused on the instruction side of the product rather than awareness.

For 'Phase 1', I wanted to keep the recognised branding and 'cotton-character' story and creative style, opting to include the whole family in the unit. By using these alongside imagery of their full range, inside a engaging frame, promoted the brand as a whole while highlighting the new product in their 'family'.

The soft and subtle denim textured background increases the fabric softness you associate with freshly washed clothes and subconsciously makes this connection in the users take-away thoughts of Comfort Intense. There is a short amount of content in this unit, as the focus was more on engagement and awareness rather than education users. Plenty of interactive points in the unit also ensures we push on a high engagement and click through rate.

For Phase 2, I incorporated the video to be used on internal-page creatives, such as our InView and InImage products. Now awareness of the product has been made, the video pulls on this already laid foundation to further educate the user about the product. The main focus here is to engage and generate interested through clicks and video views.


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