A really fun brief to promote the new LYNX fragrances 'Magic', which only had the guidelines of 'TVC, strong product imagery and content to scroll through' and a website linke. Dream.

Playing on the raw, visually engaging LYNX site and tiled structure, I focused on the characters and personalities behind the fragrance. There was a lot of content to use from the site, so there was a lot of communication with the client to confirm what they would like to be included and what could be omitted. In the end, we opted to have 'stories' instead of articles, which would appear to the users on a personal level rather than just featuring lots of brand background information that their target audience would not be interested in.

Imagery showing close-ups of models faces worked best, adding to the personal connection between the user and unit. Focusing on the eyes will draw users line-of-site in and helps them to connect with the brand and how it could be a part of their personality as well. The model on the left, eye-line directed at LYNX logo & TVC, really helps to draw the user in to the unit and to where we want them to engage.

As we knew our target audience were more mobile users, I ensured that the unit was fluid on all devices and worked on the mobile user journey, ensuring it was quick but engaging.


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Who pooled - LYNX 'Find Your Magic' - Full Page Native Ad