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XL is at the heart of giant steps forward, for companies, industries and societies. Making leaps of faith possible. Creating opportunities for the world to advance. We reinvented the XL brand, to change the way people think about insurance.

XL’s new strategy was “To unleash the world’s capacity to advance”. They needed a new brand to match it. It was time to reinvent themselves, and reinvent insurance.

In a world of risk, it was time to take one themselves.

Nothing happens without insurance, but no one was telling this story. The challenge was to change the way people saw the industry and brand: to show the world insurance mattered, and XL were at the front of it.

So while everyone else was talking about risk, we decided to talk about progress. "€œMake your world go"€ was the idea at the centre of the rebrand. Because that'€™s what XL do.

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