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We created an integrated campaign to launch the new claim “Das bringt nur BILD“ which states the attitude and mind-set of Europe’s biggest news outlet.
BILD is direct, bold, loud, surprising and unique. The new claim is two-fold, meaning both „BILD is the only one that delivers news like this“ and „only BILD dares to do that”.
Our goal was to unite all of BILD’s characteristics in a campaign that communicates with the clarity and boldness that BILD demonstrates every day.
The central element is a unique design based on the iconic BILD logo. We developed a graphic language that interprets BILD’s brand values as a growing series of unexpected executions. As OOH posters and press ads, as well as in film, where the logo personified the brand values of BILD in a montage of electrifying scenes.
For the launch of the campaign, BILD itself appeared both in print and online completely without any images – for the first time ever. As BILD is the German word for ‘image’, this underlined the importance of photography in journalism, and made a powerful statement in terms of ‘Only BILD dares to do that’.


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