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When easyJet launched in 1995, they were committed to making travel affordable for all and offered flights for the price of a pair of jeans. In 2016, their commitment still rings true, which is why their latest brand campaign encourages people to embrace all the possibilities that travel has to offer, because with prices still as low as £29.99, “Why not?”.

Dinner in Barcelona? Why not? Trumpet festival in Budapest? Why not? Six hours in Amsterdam? Seriously, Why not?

Our fully integrated, pan-European brand campaign launched with a magical spot shot by critically acclaimed directors, CANADA. We see a generation easyJet traveller embracing her Why not? attitude to the fullest, as her yearly travel itinerary comes to life inside an easyJet hangar. The hangar, however, is transformed into a magical orange-tinted world featuring everything from giant beach balls and orange typewriters, to water-skiers traversing over tarmac and freezing winter wonderlands. There’s even a man made of flowers who, rather naughtily, appears to be running late for the commercial.

We also developed easyJet’s Why not? attitude into print, OOH and DOOH, thanks to some beautifully choreographed travellers shot by The Wade Brothers.

On social channels, generation easyJet will have the chance to win their own Why not? adventure by taking part in an exclusive competition. And next month, easyJet will bring a European city to the heart of London in an immersive experience; reminding customers how thanks to easyJet, Europe is just a hop, skip, and a flight away.

The fully integrated campaign will comprises TV, VOD, cinema, print, OOH, DOOH, digital display, social, PR and experiential.

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Date published: 23 January 2017 2017-01-23T16:37:31+0000


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