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Everyone loves the outdoors; it’s an escape and the antidote to the chaos of our busy lives.

But modern life has a nasty habit of getting in the way. We often find ourselves doing the things we swore we wouldn’t. Living vicariously through an Instagram feed, expressing our emotions solely through emojis, or spending back-to-back summer weekends bingeing on episodes of Love Island.

That’s why Berghaus is here to help.

Our campaign draws attention to the moments when we realise that we have lost all perspective, to remind us when we catch ourselves over-indulging that it's time to grab your Berghaus and get out.

The campaign features a series of beautiful oil paintings by up-and-coming British artists. The calm landscapes juxtaposed with humorous taglines about photo filters and pointless meetings. It's a jarring reminder of how ridiculous modern life can be.

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