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In 2018 the market was more cluttered than ever, not only because of new players but also due to a marked industry obsession with 'more stuff'. Sky asked customers to 'record four and watch one', Three urged the public to 'go binge', and Vodafone introduced complicated passes. O2 had to connect with customers on a more human level, and had to move the market on from 'more'.

Luckily there was plenty that could differentiate them, and much of this existed at the very heart of the brand. From Priority to their rugby sponsorship, O2 has long been a business dedicated to life-enriching 'up time' moments. In the age of paralysing phone addiction, they wanted to be the telco that helped customers be more, not less, sociable.

Our new campaign was born from the idea that life is best lived in the moment, with others. It reminds us how amazing our very existence is, and how we should strive to make the most of the world and people around us.

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