Vanessa Fay Senior Design Lead


Nunii Laboratoires is a new brand preparing it's launch in the field of aesthetic dermatology. The French and Irish co-founders were looking for an attractive and enduring brand identity for their innovative skincare products. They asked us to create a look and feel to reflect the ethos of the company and to appeal to aesthetic medicine professionals. The identity and visual language would also have to connect emotionally and meet the needs of the end user.

In the highly competitive beauty industry, we wanted to establish the brand as a total skincare solution that was both ethical and authentic. We created a brand identity that used a clean visual language to represent the product’s honesty and clinical purpose. The captivating, elegant look and feel created balances science and beauty. Hexagonal shapes in the mark evoke a molecular structure, reflecting the pioneering skincare formula.
But the form is playfully altered, as a nod to the softer, kinder natural world. The typographic choice reflects the sensibility of a luxury brand.


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