Ferdinand Van As Art Director


Personal art direction and motion design showreel.


1. League Of Legends Open Tour Season 2 trailer:

2. League Of Legends Open
Tour Art Direction Brand, Web, Motion:

3. BFNATIONS: Art Direction, Motion Design, Illustration:

4. Ubisoft's The Division "Cash Contagion" & "The Raid 2" Art Direction & Motion Design:

5. WB Game Of Thrones - "King Of Twitter" Art Direction, VFX, Motion Design:

6. MCS League, Art Direction, Graphic Web, Motion Design:

7. 3D Planets Element 3D experiment

8. "Freshly Delivered" 1664 French Beer Brand: Art Direction, Illustration, Motion Design:

9. League Of Legends Mid Season Invitational, Paris: Concept, Art Direction, Promo video:

10. League Of Legends - Challenge France, eSport tournament: Arti Direction, Motion Design:

11. 1664 Blanc - "Le Rituel" Youtube ad: Art Direction:

12. EA Games Need For Speed Payback #NFSCUSTOM - Web Design, Motion Design:

13. BFNATIONS - Art Direction, Motion Design, Illustration:

14. CCI Business Accelerator - Illustration, Motion Design:

15. CCI Store - Art Direction, Illustration, Motion Design

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Date published: 4 February 2021 2021-02-04T08:56:37+0000

Art Direction & Motion Design Showreel