About me

I am frequently researching from the creative practices the relationship established between matter and the human body, based on the different situations that are generated from the union of the two elements. All the pieces or spaces are in constant relation with the people, that is why I give great importance to the performative acts that are established from the use of them, taking them as basic elements for the learning and introspection of the individual.

I have a great interest in art and participatory design, where the experiential factor plays a very prominent role. The dialogue of the audience with the piece aims to increase perceptual, sensory and human capacities. My pieces are like poetic organisms that essentially act, establishing a relationship of non-passive interaction between body and object. The person becomes the support of the piece, since it can only be concluded with human participation


3D Design, Brain storming, CAD, Crafts, Event Design, Fashion Design, Fine Arts, Furniture Design, Illustration, Interior Design, Jewelry Design, Packaging Design, Pattern Design, Performing Arts, Photoshop, Product Design, Space Planning

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Arts, Design

Perm, Freelance, Temp-Perm, Part time, Remote
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Junior, Middleweight
English, Spanish, Basque
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