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On Alibi, there’s always more going on than meets the eye.

Our objective was to improve brand perceptions of Alibi among crime drama viewers.
To do this we wanted to bring to life our tagline of ‘more than meets the eye’ by creating the joy and excitement of discovering hidden phrases.
Our campaign used clever copywriting to challenge viewers by revealing hidden messages across digital screens throughout the UK.

Our brand campaign went live across multiple digital screens during a nationwide campaign.
Animated screens revealed hidden messages across the country – prompting people with a curious mind to take a second look; bringing to life our tagline of ‘more than meets the eye’.

To push the Alibi channel’s new brand proposition of ‘more than meets the eye’ even further, we wanted to engage with the curiously-minded fans of crime drama by creating a real world experience that offers something unexpected and challenges their perspectives.

Using the optical illusion of anamorphic type, we developed a large installation that can only be seen and deciphered from a certain point and perspective. This installation will be seen across the UK from Manchester to London.
This installation allows people to engage and interact with our brand and was created as part of a wider campaign to show that on Alibi there is always more going on than meets the eye.

An on-air promo was also broadcast as part of the brand campaign. Using our new and exclusive content to encapsulate our brand message of ‘more than meets the eye’.

Head of Design: Peter Allinson
Creative Manager: Tom Williams
Senior Producer: Genevieve Sligcher
Design Producer: Maria Garcia Estefane
Creative Director: Scott Russell
Marketing Manager: George Gurr
Senior Marketing Manager: Andy Boothroyd
Creative Planner: Rosie Harrison


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