The hilarious coming-of-age comedy series by Turner Broadcasting is one of our fav TV shows of 2017 and we could not have been more pleased to help build a revolutionary digital experience to give audiences a taster of the upcoming season. The broadcaster wanted to develop an immersive and interactive video experience that entertained and excited audiences with a series of interactive 360º videos shot in actual New York locations with peppers of additional media from the show.

Search Party became one of the biggest hits of the year thanks to its familiar Manhattan and Brooklyn locations, its quirky subjects and the crazy storylines. For that reason, the broadcaster wanted to create a reflection of these attributes in an innovative digital promotional masterpiece. It was decided that 360º films would be made in and around actual locations where audiences would be invited to visit on the subway map and explore to discover hidden secrets, additional content and unlock clues to Chantel’s disappearance.

Using WIREWAX’s unique interactive 360º technology, and working with our production partners, IKA, we were able to develop engaging and immersive virtual locations for audience to explore. Tapping hotspots would reveal unseen before photos of the cast, clips from the show or allow viewers to jump to other locations to explore more.

The experience was peppered with other surprises like ‘live’ Twitter feeds from the cast and behind the scenes clips. What’s more, if the viewer explores all the content, a competition entry unlocks allowing the user to enter a competition to win a trip to New York.

The project was an outstanding success. 89% of the audience explored the 360º locations and more than half of them interacted nearly 8 times each. In addition, viewers were spending over 3.5 minutes on each visit - a significant chunk of time for a notoriously distracted millennial audience.

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