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Client’s Profile:

Client is a leading manufacturer of high security doors and windows for critical government and private infrastructures. A company is located in Montgomery, USA who is also known for quality custom solution provider for certified ballistic, attack and blast resistant entrances, frames, wall systems and accessories.

Client’s Goal:

Clients initiated their requirements where they wanted to product configuration process to achieve their automation goals by reducing lead-time and less manpower.

Client’s Challenges:

It’s difficult to transport the entire automate process from sales inquiry to design dome.

Due to less priority of R&D process, Repetitive design process takes more resources that unfortunately takes more estimated-time. As a result, we have to rework on all the primacy criteria and to solve it.

Most taking time was, the client had a large amount of the models with complex structure including with a lot of components. To maintain, track and bring up-to-date the customer’s requirements, we have to work on that also requisite a large amount of drawings.

Let’s look closer here at what we contribute to deliver client’s requirements with predictable time-period.

Our Solution:

Our initial procedure to observe the entire project flow and understand the detailed information to evaluate the task. Thus, our team of CAD engineers created essential drawings, 3D models & product constraints which can be driven using DriveWorks.
Now, the second required matter is an end-user experience. How do the end-users easily navigate on the page? How can navigation be made easy between different detail forms to users without visiting the same page again? Therefore, our team worked on UI flow for better, simple and easy where any users can effortlessly use the navigation button or directly click on the form name. Also, we have given the summary of all the details which have been filled on the left side to get quick information.
We filled up some of the default information (which cannot change frequently) to make a faster process and get better spontaneous efficiency.

Client’s benefit:

- One Click Solution – Just with one snap sales team can fill up details and forward it to the engineering team.
- Reduce the lead-time for further process
- Faster Quality Assurance
- Using DriveWorks, Only needs to examine drawings, BOM and other generated documents.
- Using the design automation process, engineers can create new products with 96% automated

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Design Automation for Safety Products for Doors & Frames Manufacturer