Trizz partnered with US agency Huge Inc. and AMC multiplex theatres, producing 7 pre-movie animation films, including an in-house Coca-Cola table-top shoot in the same campaign style all released across the entire AMC country wide, North American cinema franchise.

These uniquely high-end mini films are shown in succession, at 185 theatres and appearing before every blockbuster in the AMC line up.
Each film visually describes a range of information to the audience, produced in Stereo-3d with Dolby ATMOS.

Oriol Puig, Trizz director and co-founder, developed, designed and directed each of the 7 animations while leading our amazing in-house team on all technical and practical effects. Special liquid rigs and our Phantom high speed shoot for Coca-Cola was just one of many capabilities Trizz provided within the project. Trizz was responsible for sound design and original music score supervision mixed in Dolby ATMOS for each piece.

In total we’ve created a riveting, informed and multidimensional ride towards the best Hollywood has to offer. The Trizz animations will be seen every day for the next three years at AMC and we are very honoured to be in front of all those movie-going eyes across the USA!

Trizz creation and its full spectrum studio are providing an unmatched combination of expert in-house talent, tech-workshop, cgi and shoot production inside our creative environment. Having all things integrated enables everything we do - from the development of stories told, to the innovation and signature style that we embed along the creative and technical journey.

Production Company: Blacklist
Producer: Justin Harris
Executive Producer: Andrew Linsk
Manager: Megan Janus
Creative Director: Ryan Kellog

Production Studio: Trizz
Director: Oriol Puig
Art Direction: Laura Ibáñez,
Executive Producer: Chris Vulpi
Head of Production: Albert García Vila
Production Coordinator: Hatty Christie
Storyboard Artist: Allan Rabelo
2D FX animation artist: Aleix Pitach
3D Animation: Hugo garcia
3D Animation/Lighting/Rendering: Alex Martin / Alberto Corpas / Oriol Mayolas / Ari Ollé
3D Lighting/Rendering: Martynas Genkovas / Joan Pardo
3D FX artist: Florian Thamer / Kris Cook / Yigit Acik /
Online Mastering: Mikel Gomez
Music Composer: Hannan Townshend
Sound FX: Aimar Molero

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