Tony Connor New York Ex Creative Director


Brief in brief:

Launched in the UK in 1991, GREEN & BLACK’S has established a reputation for delivering some of the finest tasting Premium Chocolate in the world made from quality Organic ingredients. With a new line to launch, GREEN & BLACK’S enlisted Bulletproof to create a vibrant and cohesive brand identity and packaging design for its new Pure Dark and Pure Milk chocolate bars that would break away from the generic mass Premium Chocolate category codes and conventions, while delivering the brand essence of ‘a taste you can believe in.’

Our thinking and doing:

We needed to portray premium indulgence in a brand aesthetic that appeals to today's consumer - the world of mass luxury has moved on, but seemingly chocolate has remained firmly rooted in the past.

We started by stripping the brand down to its core equities and reassessing those against our objectives; every element needed a purpose and clear role in telling the GREEN & BLACK’S story.

We created the ‘quality seal’, which clearly communicates our point of difference as a brand, which stands for both the finest ingredients and ethically sourced cocoa creating a superior taste experience.

Color has always been incredibly important to the brand and this was something we wanted to protect and strengthen within the redesign. Our challenge was to imbue the colors with more depth and meaning. We landed on the idea of connecting the GREEN & BLACK’S brand DNA of nature (Green) and indulgence (Black) in the form of landscapes, delivering a sensual, more indulgent take on color.

The new GREEN & BLACK’S brand identity now sits within an elegant charcoal grey holding device creating cohesion throughout the brand world and ensuring real standout for the brand.

The packaging is an elegant balance of natural and indulgent finishes; the uncoated board evokes natural cues, while the foil detailing delivers a touch of elegance and refinement.

We were honored to have been tasked with the rejuvenation of GREEN & BLACK’S and we look forward to a successful long-term partnership working with the brand on its future pipeline of innovation.


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