Tony Connor New York Ex Creative Director


Brief in brief:
Bring to life the deep-rooted heritage of cider craftsmanship and artistry that is synonymous with Famille Stassen, through the branding and packaging for the new artisanal Ciderie Stassen range of premium ciders, launched by Heineken International.

Our thinking and doing:
Léon Stassen founded his Maison de Cidre in 1895 in the lush valley of Aubel in Belgium and four generations on, the craftsmen of Famille Stassen are still creating wonderfully crafted ciders made only from the most select apples and refined family recipes. After exploring a range of creative territories, we landed on the concept of a Stassen family apple tree - the perfect vehicle to convey the craft and expertise that has been passed down through the generations.

Drawing inspiration from Belgian Art Nouveau - which was gathering momentum at the same time as Léon Stassen founded the brewery, we crafted the branding, which features Cidrerie Stassen ribbon elegantly wrapped around the beautifully sculpted Stassen family apple tree. The colourways on the branding flex to differentiate the more premium tiered products in the range for Cuvee Rosé and the Cuvee Brut variants. The date the company was founded and the names of the four generations of master brewers are nestled within the branding, proudly reinforcing the brand’s heritage.

We turned the conventional cider occasion on its head by creating a range of elegant and sophisticated bottles with real table appeal that reflect the premium quality of the products. Each bottle features an embossing detail on the shoulder showing the date the company was founded as well as a Stassen family crest on the neck label and brand monogram on the seal of the bottle.

A full Visual Identity System was created to communicate the Stassen brand story of artisan craftsmanship and natural elegance to invite consumers into the wonderful world of Stassen. The suite of brand assets reinforces the brand story across communication touchpoints.


Annual 2016 JudgePackaging Project featured: on 11th April 2016

Cidrerie Stassen branding and packaging