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There are artists communities in many different areas in and around the town but no specific design community; nothing to bring web, film or graphic designers together.

The visual concept of the varying sized dots represents reaching out to remote studios and isolated agencies and bringing them together to build a close, more accessible network.

Perhaps there’s a feeling of community between artists due to shared workspaces and permanent places to exhibit? Some of these groups have open studios or arts-week events; the larger venues offer spaces to host workshops, life drawing classes and craft fairs. A community between designers would bring more collaboration and more knowledge of all types of practice.

A core of local, available design resources will help the town build a reputation as somewhere to learn and develop new skills. It would also encourage related businesses, from small-scale print-shops to IT outlets, to base themselves here.

We’ve got a festival in our minds, some research behind us and a theme to run with.


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