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Stage one of our branding project for a new wine bar, Glouglou: a soon-to-be place-to-be in town.

The word glou-glou is the most successful linguistic French export since ooh-la-la, the sound imitates the sound of the wine leaving the neck of the bottle or the fast gulping noise heard when entering the neck of the partaker; a wine that is glou-glou is just so…

When developing the logo, saying the name made it sound hand drawn, as if splashing onto the page, a moving liquid. A variety of medium were trialed; wax crayon, indian ink, watercolour, charcoal, in the end doodling with a pencil whilst on the phone gave the answer. Next we needed to include a mark, something integrated and not just stuck on the side, not a bottle, not a glass, not a cola-led swirl.

So it's a splash, it's a spill, it's a flower (some wines smell like that), it's the top of a tap on a barrel. It fits the words and it fits the sound of glou-glou.

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