Best Graphic Designers of 2020

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10 of the most exciting and talented graphic designers to keep an eye on in 2021

Good graphic design is easy to spot. But excellent graphic design? You need to have a specific kind of eye, taste and interest to understand what that is all about. The best graphic designers of this year all embody that spirit – a quirky, creative will to do things differently, to excel in simplicity and amaze with the pure power of shape, colour and text.

Top 10 Graphic Designers to keep an eye on in 2021

These talented creatives come from all different paths of life, be it branding, design or publishing.

Here’s the best graphic designers of 2020 to keep an eye on in 2021, whether you are looking to get inspired or to hire some new talent for your roster of creatives.

Jamie Ansell

Jamie started creating his own pieces of graphic design in his early teen years, before enrolling on a Graphic Design course. He lives and breathes art & design and his pieces really show. The identity, personality and creativity behind each and every one of his works is incredible, and most certainly a source of inspiration for a number of other designers out there. I’m not surprised he won a Bronze and People’s Choice in this year’s Annual 2020!


Tony Clarkson

Tony is a design consultant and an expert in print, digital, branding, environmental and more. It’s certainly not simple to pull off a good mixture of simplicity and style, but that is where Tony truly excels. All of his works display a complete mastery of his craft, a finesse that is far too difficult to come across today. Tony is the head of the Severn design agency, and his work has been shortlisted for this year’s Annual 2020.


Fabianne Van Schaik

Fabianne is a freelance graphic designer from New Zealand, now based in Spain to pursue that beautiful connection between work, adventure, life and creativity. Fabianne has been in the business for over 10 years and her works really show that much: clean, powerful, simple and polished, they carry loads of personality and are a true testimony of the incredible things Fabianne is capable of creating.


Ernest Otoo

Ernest is an old winner of the Annual awards and a highly creative designer. His work is clean and elegant, filled with creative metaphors and powerful with meaning. Not to mention incredibly beautiful to look at. Ernest is a freelance graphic designer with a clear love for art and design, which his works show quite well.


Yingbo Qiao

Yingbo clearly doesn’t like conventions and he’d do anything to push the boundaries of creativity with his amazing works. It takes a good bunch of thinking outside the box to be able to experiment with striking simplicity, but Yingbo is perfectly capable of doing so. Though he joined Creativepool only midway through 2020, Yingbo was already able to have his work shortlisted for Annual 2020 and we are incredibly excited to see his next experiments with design, type and art.


Martina Biffa

Martina is a fellow Italian of mine, reason for which you probably won’t be able to grasp her bio at first glance. Born and raised in Siracusa, Martina moved to Rome to complete her design studies and has since worked with a number of brands, producing extremely creative work. Experimental, vibrant and with a very clear style yet quite difficult to describe. I’ll let her works speak for themselves.


Phil Smith

Fun, colourful, and with incredible personality. I couldn’t think of better ways to describe Phil’s work. Phil, also known as Biff, is a multi-faceted illustrator and designer who clearly loves playing with type, with an imagination as limitless as his love for design. His creations are all fresh and incredibly fun. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be Jeff Goldblum when they grow up? I just didn’t know until I saw Phil’s design on it.


Soulpass Design Studio

Maria Luisa Uth is the founder, alongside Qianli Ma, of Soulpass Studio, a creative duo working at the intersection of cultures and design. While both studied in Germany, the duo comes from two entirely different parts of the world and their work is a beautiful blend of two different cultural approaches, with a certain special finesse about it all. Plus, you can tell the two are having a lot of fun working on these projects together!


Jakub Horna

Jakub is a graduate graphic designer, and certainly one to keep an eye on for the near future. His work displays excellent mastery of graphic design and a will to experiment, plus a range of interests and a capability to adapt to different mediums and contexts.


Joel Derksen

Joel is a middleweight graphic designer with over 6 years of experience, either on the agency side or working directly with clients. He is a freelancer focused on strategy, branding and packaging design, and all of his work express a certain interest in wanting to push the boundaries of what is simple, beautiful and possible in Graphic Design. His body of work is quite impressive, and of course tremendously inspiring too.