Ninety-five percent of forest fires are intentionally started by men, and most are ignited using newspapers. In response, Hoy Buenos Aires, Havas’ creative shop in the region, created the first-ever fireproof newspaper to raise awareness for the issue while raising funds to support the Firefighters Foundation of Argentina. The newspaper is the last print edition of the local digital outlet in Patagonia, Noticias de la Comarca, which covers forest fires. "Our forests are burning, and there is no turning back," one firefighter says."And it takes many, many years to recover."


  • Noticias De La Comarca/Sesocio/Fundación Bomberos De ArgentinaClient
  • Hernan DamilanoCreative Director
  • Hernan DamilanoCreative Director
  • Hoy Buenos AiresAgency
  • Nicolas TrapaneseCopywriter
  • Nicolas TrapaneseCopywriter
  • Santiago EstevezArt Director
  • Santiago EstevezArt Director
  • * Tony WaissmannCoo Latam
  • * Maria Lujan DonaireCreative Director
  • * Cannes Lions Winners 2021
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