Tom Connell Illustrator


A few of the illustrations I have just produced for the Goodwood Off-Road Experience handbook. Lots of work in lots of styles. A fun job!

Using vintage Land Rovers, this is a driving course around the Goodwood Estate and also includes several challenges to test your handling skills! All good messy fun!


Tom Connell has been a Contributor since 25th November 2015.

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Goodwood Off-Road Experience Handbook


It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Tom on this exciting project. The style and subject of illustration was right up Tom's street, so I knew he would be perfect for the job. Tom has worked extremely hard on this, no challenge and change we threw at him was too great and everything was turned around very quickly. Toms work is of such a high standard, and you can see his passion for the subject has poured into his illustrations. Im really quite sad the project has now come to an end, but hope to work with Tom again very soon! Thank you.

* Lara Wilson
Designer at Goodwood Road Racing Co. Ltd
04 Feb 2019