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We needed to build our engagement rate with our organic audience on Instagram. To engage more, we brought to life the ‘play more’ aspects of the platform: from launching bespoke stickers for our audience to apply to their Stories, to creating culturally relevant, gamified Story series based on cultural phenomena, and our existing VOXI Drop loyalty proposition.

This led to a series of mini content episodes, either for when there was a Drop (VOXI’s rewards programme) or a huge culturally relevant moment important to our core audience.

Every couple of months, we create mini-worlds for our followers to play in, with opportunities to find out more about VOXI and its reward


The concept was brought to life with beautifully crafted illustrations, clever animations and interactions.

House of Social Horrors
We know our audience absolutely love big calendar moments, so to celebrate Halloween 2019, we created the VOXI House of Social Horrors. Like the house of horrors of your childhood, we hacked the Instagram story format to make the user feel like they were on a ghost train - but rather than being scared by zombies and witches, they were frightened by the scariest thing of all - a social faux pas. Users had to tap through frames to avoid running out of phone battery, getting ghosted, being outed for fake followers, liking a post from your ex’s photo album, or accidentally sending a crude pic to their mum. To add an extra layer of gamification, users were asked to keep their eyes peeled for hidden VOXI drop box amongst the story. When a user spotted it, they were able to swipe up to an exclusive drop for the gamers.

Next Level Drop

Knowing our first VOXI Drop for March was pretty low key (a free meal deal, anyone?), we wanted to really build hype for the second drop - an all-expenses paid holiday to Ibiza. So, we created an 8bit game for Stories straight out of the 80’s, inspired by popular arcade game favourite Space Invaders. Users could tap through to zap sandwiches, packets of crisps and can of fizzy pop, to finally take on sunshine, beach balls and flip flops. A highly engaging series of frames, the stories started to give Drop the renowned name we were after.

Other Activations

Since the success of House of Social Horrors and Next Level Drop, we’ve activated many games across Instagram Stories, including a penalty shootout to celebrate the return of the beautiful game post-lockdown, a love coach dating quiz featuring heartthrob Ovie Soko from Love Island, and a special Social Media Day shoutout to the very best moments of the last decade on social.


Our VOXI House of Horrors saw a 70% VTR, with a 42% CTR and over 10.7% of those who clicked on the site entered our competition.

Our VOXI Next Level Drop saw a 65% VTR and 35% CTR despite no prize incentive being explicitly drawn out in the first frame.


Brand Manager: Abi Awojobi
Account Director: Jen Allen
Senior Account Manager: Emily Grimshaw
Creative Director: Tom Harman
Art Director: Rob Lloyd
Art Director: Fluff Higgins
Copywriter: Kate Craggs
Copywriter: Britt Collins
Senior Designer: Nick Raven
Designer: Matt Walton
Designer: James Atkins
Production Assistant: Jordan Collins
Senior Planner: Fred Brinton
Associate Social Director: Olivia Wedderburn


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