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The AJ Lynx Drop was a digital and physical first for the brand. We sent young guys all around the UK on a gamified, smartphone treasure hunt for the ultimate prize: tickets to AJ’s upcoming fight. We built the experience to fit seamlessly around our audience’s mobile behaviour. Using influencer appeal and bite-size, interactive content, we successfully created a sense of scarcity with cut-through right across our 12-year age gap.


In partnership with proximity tech experts Landmrk, we built a bespoke interactive web app. This removed barriers to entry – with no time or phone storage to download. We designed the experience to tap into youth ‘surprise drop’ culture – digitally hiding 5 gold hand-signed cans in places of special significance for AJ e.g. his first gym. Find a gold can through our app and win tickets to his next fight. 850 limited edition cans were also hidden as free samples to claim, building our CRM base and transforming app users into future advocates. To unlock the prizes, users had to physically visit the digital hotspots with their phones – not knowing if someone had beaten them to it until they arrived.

Instagram Stories provided a seamless digital user experience as users could simply swipe up to play. New drops appeared weekly to sustain engagement in this race against time. And by launching on AJ’s Instagram stories – a disappearing media channel, we created a sense of urgency. In the countdown to his fight – when desire for tickets was at its peak – AJ seeded out clues to the whereabouts of the 5 gold cans, pitting his true fans against each


The AJ Lynx Drop was not only an engaging digital experience, but a physical one too. Over 36k fans used the app and went hunting nationwide – and thanks to our intuitive UX, users engaged for an impressive 1min 37 seconds, on average. The campaign earned a huge 4.4 million+ impressions and 50k+ organic reach, driving mass awareness.

The campaign successfully hit our sweet spot: 74% of users were men, 47% were aged 18-24. Brand consideration for the product increased too: 74% of samples were claimed, 91% of people hadn’t tried it before and 95% would subsequently recommend it.

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