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London & Partners wanted to encourage more visits to London by people living in the South East. Research showed that audiences were concerned about how expensive, busy, and dangerous London is. We had to change that perception and help them fall in love with the city again.

We launched ‘Let’s Do London’, a campaign that dramatised the multitude of things to do in the city - all through the eyes of the people getting the most out of it. Unlike most tourism campaigns, ours was a more authentic representation of the city, with content pulled directly from visitor social feeds to show the London experiences in a new light.

Audiences were targeted with digital assets matched to their passion points, with carousels and videos that illustrated their perfect day (or night) out. This was supported by an OOH poster campaign that tantalised with the endless list of things to do in the capital.


‘Let’s Do London’ is a compelling call to action, but we recognised that there are a million different ways to do it – it’s different for every person whether local or tourist, and it’s different for every experience. We wanted our OOH posters to reflect that richness of variety of experience, and encompass everything from the most touristy of pursuits, to the most niche, insider activities – and all points in between.

The result was two posters (one for each target audience) that felt ripped from a thousand social feeds: conversational, excited, and overheard. Each line, the beginning of a new adventure and a challenge to get even more out of the city you thought you knew.

This enabled us to speak with authenticity to everyone, from tourists direct from Heathrow, to dyed-in-the-Thames locals. The inherent message was clear: that there’s something for everyone in London, and that the list goes on and on and on.

Year 1 Results:

Over-achieved against paid media targets, with high reach and engagement across owned and earned channels:
• Engagement +609% above target for young adult audience
• Engagement +446% above target for UK family audience
• Total engagements 7.2m (Target of 2m)
• Total Reach 134m (of which 92m was owned or earned)


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