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The Brief

1 in 2 SME Fleet Managers feel stressed in their role of looking after their company’s vehicles and drivers. There are several causes of this, but the main one is that they’re not really fleet managers…or at least not only fleet managers. Managing the fleet is an additional duty they have on top of their day-to-day responsibilities.

They are victims of their own dependability.

Our brief was to get these multitasking managers who lack the time, and expertise to get the most from their fleet, to consider using Alphabet.

We know that this audience are juggling multiple other duties, so we needed to show them how we can remove much of the hassle and inconvenience of fleet management.

The proposition for this: Running your fleet doesn’t have to be so hard!


A fully integrated campaign across:
 Print
 Audio – Spotify, Podcasts
 Video – YouTube, Connected TV
 Social - LinkedIn, Facebook
 Display ads
 Website - including a bespoke landing page
 Email


Our research showed us that although our audiences come from a variety of different backgrounds (HR, Finance, Office Management) they are united in their disdain for Fleet Management.

With such a compelling negative emotional reaction to their task, we had a great opportunity to show them the flip side of the coin:

You hate fleet management? We love it.
You struggle to handle all the demands of it? We thrive on them.
You find fleet management to be a nightmare? Welcome to Fleet Dreams.

Playing on the tone and tropes of the wellness industry, Fleet Dreams promised a zen-like transformation of your role. All the hassle floats away, all the stresses evaporate – all that’s left is a calmer, more relaxed you with a fleet running seamlessly and effortlessly.

Fleet Dreams is all about exuding calm, instilling confidence, and transporting our audience to a place where everything works, and everyone thinks they’re amazing.


We used a simple and elegant illustration style to bring the Fleet Dreams world to life. Featuring ‘Anna’ as our zen-like manager who demonstrates the feeling of running a fleet with Alphabet. She floats in the office, solves multiple issues with a wave, and paints a picture of complete control with minimum effort.

A playfully knowing tone of voice brings charm and warmth to functional, hard-working messages. This enabled us to talk about the real challenges the audience faced – from navigating vehicle supply shortages, planning to go electric and other complexities of fleet ownership – and frame those challenges as easily solved with Alphabet as a partner.

The Fleet Dreams world came to life in print and across digital channels, with Anna holding multiple car keys in a classic ‘lotus’ meditating position. We also used a kaleidoscope effect to bring automotive visuals into our zen world seamlessly.

One of the most effective channels was radio, where our ads took on the tone and ASMR qualities of guided meditations. These spots actually had a calming effect on the audience – standing out from most commercial ad spots with their pace and relaxation.


With 43 million impressions, the campaign scored a dreamy 35% above target, generating 133,000 clicks and 1,100 leads.

The Connected TV VCR was over 92% - delivering 575,091 completed video views (22% above target).


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