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Despite offering a full range of products aimed at promoting sexual wellbeing, most consumers perceive Durex as a functional, safe brand. To remedy this, we decided to take a more emotional position on sex and love, changing the perception of Durex to a fun and playful brand. We chose to talk to lovers and address one of the biggest problems in modern relationships; technology.

Our movement called on couples to realise just how their obsession with technology was leaving them totally disconnected from each other. Using Earth Hour as our platform, we created a series of Facebook posts and a short film to inspire change. The hour of darkness was the ideal time to call on couples to escape the screen and have fun in the dark. We wanted people to ‘Turn Off To Turn On’, and by utilising platforms including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter (the very platforms we’re all so obsessed with), we knew our message would be seen – and spread.

We wanted to create a movement that inspired change.

Through a series of social posts created into a 3 week calendar, we sought to tell a story around Earth Hour. This started with facts and thought provoking statements encouraging users to start to identify the problem with technology getting in the way of people connecting. We engaged the Durex fanbase by releasing provocative mission statements on Durex’s global Facebook pages. These were relationship truths that would strike a universal chord with any couple, or indeed anyone, who had let technology get in the way of their human relationships – thus igniting relevant conversations.

The second phase involved posting the film and encouraging people to get involved, commit to the change and inspire people to take part in Earth Hour.

Finally the campaign was finished off, with messages of thanks and suggestive posts around the fact that #TurnOffToTurnOn is a message for everyday and not just for one day.

The film was posted on the Facebook brand pages, YouTube and a designated microsite. It offered a poignant reflection on our obsessive relationship with technology and tied in with Earth Hour to call on people to #TurnOfftoTurnOn.

We used the very medium we’re all obsessed with to make people realise that technology getting in the way of people connecting. We had an incredible reach globally. On the Durex UK Facebook page alone the total reach was 20,194,840 with 403,095 of that being organic reach. We gained 81,535 “Likes”, had 10,824 comments and 27,208 shares.

The campaign was launched in 23 different languages, across 56 countries. In just two weeks the film we’d posted on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter had a combined total of 63 million views – topping the viral video charts. With over 270 million engagements, the campaign caught the attention of the industry and global media. There were 470 million PR impressions from TV, radio and press, and all in all it had over 1.7 billion total impressions from all over the world.

Durex UK Facebook Page
Total reach: 20,194,840
Organic Reach: 403,095
Likes: 81,535
Comments: 10,824 comments
Shares: 27,208

Global Reach
270 million engagements
63 Million video views
470 million PR impressions
1.7 billion total impressions

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Date published: 29 July 2016 2016-07-29T15:58:25+0100


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