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GSMA, the mobile governing body that represents over 800 mobile operators around the world gave us one clear objective - raise awareness and demonstrate to a young audience (16-34) the positive work mobile operators around the world were implementing in line with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
Focus on delivering the content in a way that would resonate with a millennial audience no matter which country they were from, or which channel they were viewing the content.

Our creative vision was backed by a simple yet powerful strategy: distill the facts and figures that had been provided by mobile operators and turn them into individual stories, showing the emotional and human impact the mobile operators were having.
What was vital to the strategy was resonance and this was only going to happen with authenticity at the heart of the content, so we developed partnerships with local influencers who not only the audience could relate to, but who could tell each story in their own way, from their own perspective – rather than the perspective of a brand.
We knew that followers of each influencer would be engaged with the content because of their love for the storyteller; but organically, we also took a geo-targeted approach – showing people within the region of each story that mobile was doing good in their area.
Ultimately, our goal was – and still is – to get millennials talking about the good that the industry is doing, and demanding more of it – and the results to date show that #CaseForChange has the power to make that happen.

The creative was not about simply gaining ephemeral engagement, it was about starting a crucial conversation with millennials and encouraging a deeper connection with the content, and the story behind it.

While we achieved impressive results with the content on our own channels it was the higher quality engagement on the influencers channels that we knew would make the biggest difference.

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