Timothy Mattimore Executive Creative Director


Over the course of the two weeks leading up to the festivities at Twin Cities Pride, BBDO MPLS went out under the cover of darkness to add tiny Pride Flags to artist MOWS "Tiny Doors" around the city of Minneapolis.
"We had so much fun doing this... and we were completely overwhelmed by MOWS's reaction to not only the flags popping up on Instagram from an unknown party... but to his reaction when we finally revealed who was behind it,” said Executive Creative Director Tim Mattimore.
MOWS510 has been creating his Tiny Doors since his days back in the Bay Area of San Francisco. After moving to the Twin Cities a few years ago, his artwork began popping up all over the area.
"The doors are kind of hard to see, but when you find one, there's a sense of discovery and joy that comes with it.... being part of something special that maybe not everyone is aware of," said Creative Director Nat Resende. “By spreading Tiny Flags on Tiny Doors around Minneapolis we wanted to send a message of open and welcoming doors to all, and celebrate Pride Month in a democratic and social way, one that is inclusive, accepting and wonderfully diverse, just like the LGBTQA community.”


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