Tito Alvarez de Eulate Video and photo editing, graphic and motion design


"Spaniards in Conflicts" is a ten-episode television series for TVE produced by La Cometa TV. We have run all audio and video post-production remotely on a Resolve/Avid Roundtrip that runs like clockwork. Grading, motion graphics, tracking, rotoscoping and stabilization, production of proxies, backup and cataloguing of all the raw material in the cloud, ingest and conforming... in short, everything from the initial cut edition. If you're a producer reading this, your newsroom can spend weeks on their content discussions (you know how they are) and we take care of everything else ;)
Best wishes to the show now that it lives on the air because it deserves it. Have a look at it. You can watch it in full on the Rtve Play app.


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Spaniards in Conflicts