The Black Cab Interviews: Al Young CCO at FCB Inferno

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Creativepool worked in collaboration with friends from Brightmove Media, production support by Ground Control and music by Tin Drum Music for the second series of The Black Cab Interviews in London.

In the back of a signature London black cab, Michael Tomes, founder of Creativepool, has been asking questions of his guests (some nice and some tricky) with his super high-tech plastic yellow spinner as he takes them around the city.

Michael talked with Al Young Cheif Creative Officer at FCB Inferno about how advertising is fighting for attention and the way architecture together with the whole environment has become part of the total brand messaging. Al also give his opinion about free-pitching, how to build a killer creative team, the review of the creative work and how to manage the rejection of teams. Al finishes the interview by giving his younger self some good advice. 


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About Black Cab Interviews
The "Black Cab Interviews” are series of interviews in which Creativepool’s founder, Michael Tomes, takes the great and the good from our industry on a cab ride around London, New York, Singapore... to talk about their work, careers and what they think about the fabulous industry that we work in.


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