Tina Touli Graphic Communication Designer


Client: HP
Concept & Design: Tina Touli
3D Visualisation: Kakia Konstantinaki
Sound design: Grey Studios

The 21st Century is dominated by creatives who evolve with computers and broadband access and they are comfortable with the idea of researching online. They tend to seek inspiration for their designs more and more online.

One of the most common questions that I have been asked, is where do I seek inspiration from? Creating a campaign showcasing new techniques and ideas that will hopefully be a reference and inspiration for other creatives was the aim of this ad.

As designers we don’t want to think of any technical issues and limitations while creating. We want to have an uninterrupted creative experience and freedom to Create Anything, Anywhere and Anytime.

The Z by HP collection provides limitless possibilities, breaking any boundaries between creativity and technology. It provides with devices that become an extension of us and our creativity.

The key messages of Create Anything, Anywhere and Anytime have been designed using various techniques, from physical experimentations, to 3D visuals and sketchy graphics, reflecting the concept of a device created by a group of creatives for all types of creatives!


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