Some of you might remember Boris, our multi-award winning campaign that set out to communicate a very important message about how we work and how we arrive so consistently at the effective outcomes we do with our clients.

You see; we realised a long time ago that to be truly effective, both client and agency need to work collectively in a true partnership. This means challenging the traditional ways of doing things and realising that the more information you have, the more informed your work will be and by default – the more effective the client's campaign will be.

A lot of agencies still take the approach that the client simply writes the cheques and that they do all the creative stuff - and likewise, a lot of companies don’t think that they need to do anything because they are paying the agency. In many ways, it’s like a really bad one night stand where no one is entirely happy with the outcome.

But in reality, successful companies and indeed agencies, are those that tackle projects together. We work with some really talented brand managers and directors in companies that involve us at every stage of the process, right down to helping write the brief and on occasion, choosing other specialist partners to join them on a project.

In return, we involve them in the strategic development of the solution. It really is a joint effort based on channelling all the knowledge we collectively have into a shared outcome that works for everyone and achieves their mission objectives.

I’m guessing some old guard agency folk will be shifting uncomfortably in their chair at that though – ‘let the client get involved – whatever next???’ But it works. We know it works because it’s how we work all the time with clients, or as we call them, brand partners.

You see, without the client's knowledge of the market and the particular dynamics of their inner brand workings, thinking and politics, the creative stuff we agencies like to think we do, well it would just be fluff.

So you see, we need the clients and the clients needs us and that’s why we always encourage them to unleash their creative monster and why Boris continues to be much more than just a multi-award winning campaign for us.

Mission Accomplished!


AnPost Gold Best Self Promotion Campaign


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