One of the most common challenges facing life science and healthcare marketing teams worldwide is accessing unique DNA imagery that hasn’t already appeared in a competitor’s collateral.

With many of these brands frequently attending the same tradeshows, they recognise the very real possibility that the imagery they are using could very well be the exact same imagery being used on the stand next to them.

Recognising the investment that goes into attending a trade show including the hire of floor space, stand structure and build and sales team attendance, no one wants to find their competitor is using the same imagery. This has been the motivation for one of our North American life science clients to commission a new suite of imagery that explores the fragility of DNA and illuminate the sensitivity of their analysis systems.

Inspired and informed by the realisation that DNA is not unlike the finest bone-china, we crafted a visual platform for expression that spoke to the fragility of DNA and by extension, the sensitivity of the client’s equipment.

Referencing sources including the V&A Museum, we explored the history of what is commonly referred to as bone-china and the many designs, patterns and production techniques involved in its creation.

Despite the name reference, the style influences used on bone-china are not just Chinese, but can be traced back to the 14th century, with styles emerging from China, Japan, Korean, India, South-East Asia and Persia.

Drawing our inspiration from the characteristic of the blue and white Chinoiserie pattern, coming from the French word “Chinoise”, which means Chinese and refers to a western style of decorative art inspired by Asian art and cultures.

Visually a rich and decorative design, the Chinoiserie pattern communicated the delicate detail and heritage contained within not only this exquisite form of porcelain, but also DNA.


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The Fragility of DNA