Introduce marketing directors and their teams to The Mission Discovery, a specialist science and healthcare communications agency and indicate that the agency understands the specific challenges they face and not just the regulations that influence so much of what can and cannot be done between countries. Our mission was to prove we understood the real challenges faced by in-house marketing teams in this complex sector.

We’ve worked with marketing teams in science and healthcare companies the world over and if there’s one thing we’ve discovered, it’s that these people are often the unsung heroes who simply get things done but seldom get the recognition they deserve. We wanted to change that and rather than bombarding them with emails, we opted to target their actual office desk top. Adopting direct mail as the primary channel for the campaign - we created bespoke packs that listed the various traits and skills of these scientific marketing superheroes - indicating parallels and how Mission Discovery can aid them in their quest.

In this collector’s edition campaign, we pay tribute to the science and healthcare marketing heroes we work with on a daily basis worldwide. We examine the traits most common in those early morning risers and late night doers who make sure that deadlines are met, expectations exceeded and budgets managed. The campaign also reinforced the sense of shared and recognised purpose that exists between agency and client and has subsequently generated a number of new partner clients to the agency.

Mission Accomplished!

Models sourced from: Mighty Maxx Intergalatic.

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2017 Communicator Awards Gold Integrated Marketing Effectiveness
2017 Communicator Awards Silver Integrated Brand Campaign Effectiveness
2018 Creativepool Bronze Award Direct Mail


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