When Taconic Biosciences asked us to create a campaign that would engage with researchers involved in understanding how the brain works and the impact of Parkinson’s and Dementia we knew it was not going to be easy. This is a multi-billion-dollar industry controlled by a handful of key companies.

Recognizing that our primary target audience is for the most part skeptical of marketing, we opted for creating a communications strategy that was subtle in its approach – reflecting our understanding of the audience and thereby positioning Taconic favorably in their view. It was crucial that the campaign avoided the obvious clichés that so often dominate this sector of marketing, i.e. stock shot images of beautiful models in lab coats staring intently at a screen or clipboard pretending to be scientists. Instead we sought to create a visually engaging campaign that intelligently communicated the vital ability that our target audience sought, which was the ability to merge organic life science with predictive digital model technology.

Our aim was therefore to create a campaign strategy that sought to transform the traditional marketing model so repellent to the target audience and instead deliver a solution that communicated the fact that Taconic understood their requirements and better yet – were equipped technically and intelligently to meet and support their research needs.

Methods & Strategies
We approached this campaign with the same approach one might use to making a new acquaintance. Strategically targeting important trade press titles throughout North America and Europe, we began to lay the seeds for a visually consistent and informative communications plan that simply and intelligently showed Taconic as having the crucial ability to assist them with bridging the gap between life science and predictive digital technology built on more than 60 years knowledge.

Our approach to selecting specific trade press titles and circumventing the traditional banner ads, we were able to save the client a significant proportion on their media spend yet increase their brand and message relevancy to the target audience.

Having created the context to start an intelligent conversation with our target audience, we worked with the Taconic marketing team to identify a number of relevant neuroscience exhibitions in the United States, France and Germany. By deliberately confining our presence to these ‘premium’ shows, we were able to ensure that the Taconic sales team were only going to be talking to ‘serious’ leads.

Each of the exhibitions were created to be multi-touch-point audience engagement experiences. In addition to being visually consistent with the strategically targeted trade press that the target audience had become familiar with that clearly and intelligently communicated Taconic’s ability to offer the life science and predictive technology they needed, the exhibition experience also included a highly detailed animated presentation where our competitors were still using PowerPoint.

Every engagement and campaign touch-point was deliberately considered to lead the target audience to one conclusion – Taconic Biosciences is the only company that has the capability to support my research in neuroscience.

Facebook, Linked in and Twitter were also utilized at each event with great effect and spawned considerable organic origination of content. Following each show, the Taconic sales team were equipped with a premium direct mail piece that was issued to each lead from the show that further reinforced the brand’s superiority over that of its competitors.


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