On March 11, The World Health Organisation declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic.

By May 8th, 2,522 clinical trials had been terminated, suspended or withdrawn. Of those, 1,099 trials explicitly cited COIVD-19 as the reason. This set back entire programs for human research for oncology, cell and gene therapies, rare diseases and clinical data science.

39,505 patients were enrolled in trials stopped due to COVID-19. Those trials were testing 538 unique drugs and biologics.

As the world lifts its head from the immediate impact of COVID-19 we need to restart all of those trials that have been put on hold. Because the clinical research that was active before March 11 is as important today as it was then. That’s why we’re here today, tomorrow and for however long it takes.

The campaign was created during the pandemic and working within regional restrictions worldwide, footage was secured that featured real healthcare professionals who are on the frontline and dealing with the hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide who are depending on these clinical trials restarting.

Encouraging sponsors to embrace the knowledge and expertise within Cmed CRO, the campaign is a call to action to restart all of those vital clinical trial studies.

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#HeadsUp (Hope in a pandemic)