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Mark Hix, celebrated chef, restaurateur and food writer recently opened a new solo venture in Lyme Regis, serving the best of local produce and sustainable fish.

One of the challenges was the deadline; the new site had to be live for opening and we had just four short weeks from start to launch.

To help with that, our approach was to build the entire site using one template based on our Hideout WordPress Widget Framework. We designed and developed a large number of content widgets in a way which could be used on any page, in any order and as many times as needed. This allowed for full flexibility to create a number of different layouts on pages whilst knowing everything would look on brand. More importantly it allowed us to reduce the development time on an already tight timeline.

While the site may feel very simplistic in its approach, everything is considered, from the interaction and animations, to the navigation and page structure. For a restaurant there are usually three main drivers as to why someone will visit your site; to find where you are, to look at your menus and the main aspect, book a table. We make all three of those easy to find. We’ve incorporated elements such as the wave to tie in with the location of Lyme Regis and restaurant setting.

Imagery is everything when it comes to restaurant websites (and most websites saying that). The widgets we’ve created focus on the amazing photography shot by the very talented Matt Austin. Many of the panels fit to screen, filling your browser with amazing shots of the food, drink and location enticing you to come and dine!




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