The LGBT Foundation has reported significant spikes in calls to their crisis helpline since the beginning of lockdown, with mental health difficulties, hate crime being isolated with LGBT-phobic family members being key issues. Referrals to their domestic abuse and substance misuse services have also risen sharply over the last three months, with domestic abuse-related calls over doubling in the last month alone and calls around suicidal ideation increasing by 25%.

The increased need for support for LGBT Foundation’s services has seen the charity increasingly stretched to meet demand, and like many other LGBT organisations – the Foundation been financially hit by the difficult economic period, and cancellation of key fundraising events such as Prides.

To raise awareness of the challenges that many in LGBT communities have experienced as a result of the pandemic, LGBT Foundation in partnership with advertising agency The Gate, has launched “Locked Down and Out.” Launched during Pride month 2020, the project features a film produced in partnership with FRIEND, and directed by Lucrecia Toarmina. It follows the experience of a young trans girl who is caught wearing make-up by her intolerant mother, and stars trans actress Miya Ocego.

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Locked Down and Out