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The Brief:

Uber Eats wanted to create a short-form content series which highlighted the large restaurant selection available to their users.

They wanted the videos to encourage people to use the delivery service. This would be done through inspiring viewers to be excited by new food opportunities and encouraging potential customers to push boundaries in terms of how they define take-away food.

The Solution:

We commissioned a talented Director and Editor, Lexi, to create 8 videos with a focus on creating content which looked authentic. Lexi's casual style was in-line with the authentic tone that Uber Eats was looking for and the videos used bright and bold imagery to grab attention, as well as incorporating text for sound-off viewers.

The visuals were clever and humorous, incorporating the use of emojis, drawings, writing and hashtags, which reflected the social platforms that the paid assets were displayed on. The ads were fun, unexpected and unusual, with each video using a different tone and different characters.

The Outcome:

The paid assets were created to look user generated and authentically lo-fi, which allowed them to blend in with organic content on both Facebook and Instagram stories. The series highlighted 8 brands - Krispy Kreme, Firezza, Wasabi, Chilango, LEON, Amorino, Itsu and GLE - and the videos were used across Uber Eats’ social channels. The series became the most watched and shared videos of the whole year, with over 1 million views on Facebook.

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Date published: 3 December 2018 2018-12-03T14:11:35+0000


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Uber Eats: The Wow Foods Campaign - 8 Instagram Story Videos Created to Highlight Variety