How do we educate Thai people on unknown fact about chemical fertilized out-of-season vegetables and how serious they can self-harm from consuming those vegetables.

We created a film that captured people in an entertaining way. A story of sick man, begging his maid to find him the last tasty meal. To fulfill his last wish, she asked a farmer to grow out of season Bok Choy for her, but this Bok choy is not a really good choice. It’s full of toxic and finally, it harmed her master.

A film received + 33 million views, 240 million media impressions, become the most successful campaign of the year in Thailand. It’s alarmed millions of Thai people to see the hidden toxin in the beautiful fresh look off-season veggies, as well as to stop consuming it for good.


EPICA Award - Gold


  • Thai Health Promotion FoundationClient
Annual 2020 ShortlistBok ChoyAdvertising: Film Project featured: on 1st September 2020 Contributor:

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