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“Boring, made beautiful. The attention to detail and tenacity is commendable.”
Damian Totman, Global Creative Director, Bloomberg.

The inherent irony of financial services communication, particularly B2B institutional marketing, is that such a data-rich industry repeatedly fails to visualise data in a comprehensible and engaging way.

We know that people process visual information far quicker than they do written, and yet we still offer our clients and prospects dull and overly-complex charts.

Our goal was to break this habit. We deliberately used the more traditional medium of print to create a beautiful coffee table book that people would cherish. We wanted to cut through all the content noise that exists in marketing and produce something our clients could relate to.

The coffee table book, at over 80 pages and containing 40 curated data visualisations was a labour of love. Each visualisation re-drawn and colourised to create a unified visual approach.

Through independent advisor research we have received the following feedback:
“I hope we can keep this!”, “I’ve never seen anything like this before.” “This makes good conversation with your astute clients about why we would diversify across different areas.” “There are no other fund managers who have got anything as detailed out there.”


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The Little Book of Data for Aviva Investors

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