The BBC Ideas platform serves up thought-provoking content targeted to an audience wary of fake news / click-bait and eager for new perspectives
Our playlist “Thinkers from the past on our world today” comprises six beautifully crafted animated films that communicate complex ideas in a short time:
Initially we created "Foucault's warning on fake news" and then in 2019 we were commissioned to make 5 further films;
- What would Freud make of the selfie?
- Greek poet Sappho’s view of today’s attitudes towards sexuality?
- If Plato were alive today, what would he think of the modern referendum?
- How Simone de Beauvoir could have reacted to the #MeToo
- What would Florence Nightingale make of big data?

The playlist has had 221.8K views on BBC ideas as of September 2020.


  • BBC IdeasClient
  • Beatrix CampbellCollaborator
  • Bertie SumnerEditor
  • David SpiegelhalterCollaborator
  • Joe BeblavyAnimator
  • Lauren PouchlyProducer
  • Lindsey PorterCollaborator
  • Margaret ReynoldsCollaborator
  • Michael Hall2nd Animator
  • Rich ThompsonProducer
  • Robin Greenwood2nd Animator
  • Tom DonachieAnimator
  • Tomas Chamorro-premuzicCollaborator
  • * Simone ZahradkaIllustrator
  • * James QuinnProducer
  • * The Creative Engagement Group
  • * James MansellProducer
  • * Leo MatchamKey Animator
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Thinkers from the past on our world today



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