Our client, Lloyds Banking Group, wanted to create a new visual identity to reflect some of the changes happening in their working practices. They didn’t want traditional, corporate shots, but something warmer, friendlier and which showcased the contemporary world of hybrid working. Likewise, they did not want models posing for the camera, but rather, real Lloyds employees in real settings. This brief was about showcasing the diversity of Lloyds employees and creating a set of compelling images to reflect the contemporary world of work. The success of this colleague shoot developed into a further set of photographs showcasing Lloyds’ work with businesses in local communities.

We suggested reportage style photography focusing on natural emotions, using light and shadow to its best advantage and telling a story about Lloyds’ values of ‘making a difference,’ ‘keeping it simple’ and ‘putting customers first.’ We proposed that by using a wide spectrum of tones and contrasts, we could create a warm, friendly set of images which reflected the authentic, less ‘corporate’ image which Lloyds was aiming for. Corporate images can often look very bright, so we suggested ways of using shade to its best advantage, to make the images more authentic. Likewise, while we used natural light where appropriate, many of our images were inevitably going to be indoors and in office spaces, so we proposed the best ways to use artificial light. Our concept was all about being sympathetic to the environment we were in and allowing each individual to shine.

Once one of our recommended photographers, Matthew Lloyd, was selected, our creative and film teams worked together to plan our shoots. We took a mix of shots in the office, in people’s homes and at Lloyds’ innovation labs. There was a mix of individual, group, action and collaborative shots, as we told the story of life working at Lloyds in 2022. Our community shots were once again focused on local businesses at work. We wanted to reflect the importance of these small businesses to their communities, whether it was a café, a charity or an electric car charging station. These were more informal, warmer images than your traditional corporate stock and also very much tapped into Lloyds’ values of ‘making a difference’ around issues such as sustainability and diversity.

While the shots were informal, there was nothing informal about the planning. We carefully crafted our shot lists, any props we might need, the shooting schedule and even hair and make-up, while always leaving room for further inspiration to strike as we worked. Our Art Director and Creative Assistant were on hand throughout to offer advice and suggestions. A team from Lloyds Banking Group were also on hand so that we could review images as we went, creating a very collaborative process.

The images have been used both internally on digital channels and in print around various offices, as well as externally on the Lloyds Banking Group website and social media. They have also been used extensively as part of the CEO's new strategy and purpose communications. The client was delighted and gave us some great feedback on social media.


Who pooled - A new visual identity for a major bank