Terminal Loud Pictures signs a production that is quite explosive to say the least, and does so in Bologna for the Free Fire video game.

The trailer of the videogame was shot last December in two exclusive locations, the result of a careful search that could create a post-apocalyptic war zone scenario.

Garena Free Fire is a survival shooter game available on mobile phone.

Each game lasts 10 minutes and takes the player, or his or her character, to a remote island where other 49 players are waiting, all trying to survive.

A production that involved over 30 actors including soldiers, terrorists and murderous clowns. An international crew that was able to unite Bolognese workers, passing from Rome to Dubai.

The explosive direction was able to evoke both the adrenaline-rush sensation and the post-apocalyptic mood present in the videogame.

The result? A video that's a bomb!


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