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To launch Wondrium, an educational streaming service, we created fun and whimsical mixed media spots; they were set to catchy original songs to showcase its many offerings. We followed our wonder to create epic animated stories full of smart, inventive gags for two spots, “I Wonder” and “Bird.”

We set off to create a whimsical world that fuses history and math, science and music, and beyond. The lyrics to each spot were written, leaving us to connect the dots. Our creative director got playful in stringing together the characters (the likes of Picasso, Thor, Confucius, and Shakespeare) and the things they’re wondering about.

Forty-three different designs and scenes appear across the two spots, created in unique styles to illustrate the wide breadth of learning opportunities on Wondrium. Each scene was informed by fun facts and a thoughtful understanding of each media, pastime, historical figure and creature. Did you know Abraham Lincoln was a wrestler? What if we show Picasso painting in the style of Bob Ross? If you have questions about cryptocurrency, our creative director can tell you all about it.

Our team worked with the agency, client, and the music house like a well-oiled machine. Daily calls to develop the two spots made for a joyful final product full of whimsy and wit.


  • WondriumClient
  • Alexandra McGuinessProducer
  • Andy Mastrocinque2D Animator
  • Angelica MartinezProducer
  • Bill Mata2D Animator
  • Chris MartinCreative
  • Gordon WalthoDesigners/Illustrator
  • Kim DulaneyDesigners/Illustrator
  • Miriam FrancoProducer
  • Nicolas Lopez2D Animator
  • Olaf Perez2D Animator
  • Paul FixCreative
  • Tommaso RenieriDesigners/Illustrator
  • * Alexandra McguinnessAgency Producer
  • * Taylor James
  • * Stephanie SavvidesProducer
  • * David Rasuracreative director
  • * Scott PryorSeniour Producer
  • * Justin OrtizCreative Development Associate
  • * Cyrus ToulabiCreative Director / Director
  • * Farid PerezDesigners/Illustrator
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