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We worked with Acura and Mullen Lowe to produce a series of 190+ cross-platform assets for the launch of the latest Acura RDX model. The vehicle’s all-new design and enhanced performance was previewed at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

The Taylor James Automotive Division partnered with the photographic team Marlyne and Patrick Curtet for the launch campaign. Our CG and post automotive artists captured the HDR domes for the selected locations and were on hand to produce pre-viz rendered and comped images for the broader team’s feedback.

Exterior, Interior, Detail, Jelly Beans, Cinemagraphs, Exterior 360’s and Interior Panoramics were all produced to support the launch of the vehicle.

Our Automotive Division is based across our global network and collaborated on this project- allowing the team to be more responsive to local requests, and allowing for face-to-face meetings with artists to discuss briefs and run through stakeholder revision points on projects.

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