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Minute Maid Fruit Juice Packaging

Taxi Design, a very creative studio based in Bristol, recently commissioned me to produce super realistic photo-illustrations of fruit for the Minute Maid fruit juice range sold in the USA. This was a great project to work on with some very talented designers.

Lesley, my wife and studio partner who is extremely knowledgable in all kinds of weird wonderful fruits and other foods and where to find them, sourced some very nice samples of the fruits required for reference. I shot each piece of fruit and the leaves separately and without water droplets in my studio using a Nikon digital camera linked directly to my Mac Pro. Each of the fruits would be created from the best of several shots all put together and extensively retouched with a Wacom tablet and pen using Adobe Photoshop software.

The water droplets were drawn in Adobe Photoshop and added to the fruits on a separate layer so they could be positioned exactly where needed, as were the shadows and the shading. The green brush stroke line was drawn using a texture brush I created in Photoshop and the slate background put together using several shots of slate from the roof of my house, along with a shot supplied by the client all extensively retouched and painted over.

The final PSD files were supplied in layers so the main elements could be moved to work with different format reproduction.

All images are copyright protected and may not be reproduced in any form.

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